Rock Out those Boring Closet Doors..On a Budget


Pay no attention to my missing knob and uneven doors. I’m working on that! 😀 I have moved my office/sewing space into a bigger room. My totally awesome aunt (they still say that, right?) has been giving me some decorating ideas. We were discussing liquid starch and doilies (that’s for another post) when she mentioned liquid starching fabric to cover your closet doors. She said that back in the day, New Yorkers used to use this idea on their walls when they couldn’t paint their apartments. It’s supposed to peel right off but I haven’t attempted that yet. Here’s how to rock out your closet panels on a dime. You can cover just about anything though. This would be perfect to try on an old dresser or table top.


What you will need:

supplies for covering closet

Supplies You'll Need

An old bowl filled with  3 or 4 cups of liquid starch

Enough fabric to cover your space

A rotary cutter, mat & ruler


  1. Start by measuring your spaces. Make sure that you are very precise with your measurements.

    cut your fabric

    cutting fabric

  2. Iron your fabric and cut your fabric with your rotary cutter , mat & ruler. If you directions on how to use them visit this quilting site. BE PRECISE! Watch your fabric pattern as well. Even though I was cutting straight, some of my patterns turned out crooked.

    starch fabric

    Starch your fabric

  3. Swish your fabric in your bowl of liquid starch. Don’t be afraid. It needs to be really wet. Wear gloves if you feel the need.

    Smooth it on and watch it dry.

    Smooth it on and watch it dry.

  4. Smooth your fabric over the surface. You’ll want to get all of the bubbles out. Adjust and stretch as needed to meet the corners and be sure to smooth the raw edges with your fingertip. There will be a few frays hanging around.
  5. Watch it dry. This could take a long time. I’m not sure how long. I chose to write this post instead of watching it dry because I was so excited to tell you about it!
plain closet doors

Go From Plain


fabric covered closet doors

to WOW!







  1. CUTE! I may do this in our bedroom!

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