Wall Art for The Kids Room

We were looking for something to do on my son’s wall. We recently redecorated his room into a more “big boy” bmx theme. I decided to paint dirt hills all the way around his room with brown paint. I found some really awesome bmx wall graphics that looked like a kid jumping the dirt hills in vinyl but they cost a fortune! Once again, my brilliant aunt came to the rescue. She taught me how to do it myself with paint.

What You Will need:

A clean graphic from your computer that can easily be cut out of paper

A printer and paper


Painters Tape

A Pencil

Wall Paint in the color of your choice


  1. Make sure your wall is clean. You can paint it with a base color ahead of time.
  2. Find the graphic that you’d like to use and upload it to¬†http://www.blockposters.com/. This is a free site that will “cut” your image into many paper size sections and let you print it.
  3. Print it and tape it together into one huge picture.
  4. Cut your image out in reverse. You want the inside important pieces connected to the outline like a stencil.
  5. Tape this to your wall.
  6. Trace inside the stencil.
  7. Remove the stencil and paint inside your pencil lines. I like to remove the stencil because I am not confident that the paint won’t drip or blotch behind the stencil.

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